Donation Goal: $118,000

JCN5K is Jewish Caring Network's Annual Fundraiser. Two great races for one great cause! The funds raised provide crucial support services to families when a loved one has been diagnosed with a life-threatening, lifelong, or serious illness.
Jewish Caring Network ensures that Baltimore families going through overwhelming medical diagnoses do not have to do it alone. Our mission is to bring joy and support to these families along with the knowledge that we are standing beside them throughout their difficult medical journey while preserving their privacy and dignity.

Because You Care…You Support, You Donate, You Fundraise, You Volunteer, You Run!
Because You Care, We Can Make a Difference!
*Registrants can add to their own fundraising goals by donating to their fundraising page.
**Team donations can not be transferred to an individual participant. If you would like to donate to an individual, enter their name and apply the donation directly to their page.
Jewish Caring Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing support services to families facing life-threatening, lifelong, or serious illnesses while preserving their privacy and dignity.


Raised of $118,000


Top Donors

$5,348 Raised By 79 Donors

$500 donated by ronald lowinger
$360 donated by Justin Myrowitz
$360 donated by Nesanel Jakobovits
$180 from Facebook Donation
$180 donated by Isaiah Cox
$180 donated by Joseph Davis
$180 donated by Shimon Jakobovits
$120 donated by Toby Pollack
$120 donated by Arthur Salhanick
$120 donated by Jeffrey Aaronson
$100 from Facebook Donation
$100 from Anonymous
$100 donated by Elie Jakobovits
$100 donated by Eliezer and Miryam Vilinsky
$100 donated by Hillel Markowitz
$100 donated by Isak Domatov
$100 donated by Leon Strauss
$100 donated by Nechemya Jakobovits
$100 donated by The Fraylachs
$100 donated by Yossie Lerman
$80 from Facebook Donation
$72 donated by Dovid Meyer
$72 donated by Dovid Meyer
$72 donated by Flo and Lenny Goldberg
$72 donated by Yaakov Frommer
$54 donated by Barry & Sandy Nussbaum
$54 donated by Danielle Ellenberg
$50 donated by Chaim Dovid and Yocheved Lapidus
$50 donated by Chany Schonbrun
$50 donated by Gamliel Hackerman
$50 donated by Hillel Tendler
$50 donated by Jeffrey Davidson
$50 donated by JONAH OTTENSOSER
$50 donated by Nachman Bogen
$50 donated by Nomi and Elly Zomick
$50 donated by Samson Wach
$50 donated by Shaul Neuberger
$50 donated by yaakov bender
$50 donated by Yaffa Munk
$36 donated by Buzzy and Baila Katz
$36 donated by Carl Barsky
$36 donated by chaim and brochie kosman
$36 donated by Dov Greer
$36 donated by Faye Grossblatt
$36 donated by Greg Shpilman
$36 donated by Jeff Kagan
$36 donated by Jody Crane
$36 donated by Lauren Musman
$36 from Anonymous
$36 donated by Miriam Gardner
$36 donated by Nancy Feierstein
$36 donated by Nathan Adler
$36 donated by Shulamit Gartenhaus
$25 from Facebook Donation
$25 donated by Boruch Leff
$25 donated by Guy Olisker
$25 donated by joseph and jacqueline greenfield
$25 donated by Label and Vivian Steinhardt
$20 donated by Nechemya Jakobovits
$18 from Facebook Donation
$18 from Facebook Donation
$18 donated by Ali Benyaminov
$18 from Anonymous
$18 from Anonymous
$18 donated by Daniel and Shoshi Lewin
$18 donated by Dovid and Avi Berman in honor of the best carpool driver in TI
$18 donated by Frager Tzipora
$18 donated by Lisa Meister
$18 donated by Mary Jo Giulioni
$18 donated by Michael Kelmar
$18 donated by Miriam Singal
$18 donated by Sheffie Neuberger
$18 donated by Yitzchok & Esther Markowitz
$18 donated by Yitzhak Turk
$15 from Facebook Donation
$10 from Facebook Donation
$10 donated by David Kanter
$10 donated by Michael and Miriam Wohl
$8 donated by Rabbi Tsvi Schur

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